Summary of Services Offered


Urine Cultures: We offer both comprehensive cultures with full identification and
susceptibilities, and also screening culture with presumptive identification and colony count only, for screening of OB patients.

Throat Cultures: We offer conventional culture screens for Group A and non-Group A Streps and a comprehensive throat culture for all possible pathogens.

Complete Vaginal/Cervical Cultures: Using a battery of selective and nonselective media, we offer a culture that covers G.C., Group B, and other Streps, Gardnerella, yeast, coliforms, and miscellaneous pathogens from a single swab.

Wound and Misc. Cultures: We offer the isolation of aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria from wound swabs or aspirates.  We also do ear, eye, nasopharyngeal and sputum cultures.  Susceptibilites are performed on appropriate isolates.

G.C. Screens: We offer conventional G.C. screens from any anatomic site, plated on  Thayer Martin selective media.

Yeast Screens: When microscopy of secretions is inconvenient or inconclusive, we offer a yeast screening culture on selective fungal media.

Group B Strep Screens: We use selective media for the isolation of Group B Strep from vaginal, rectal, or other sites.  Identification is confirmed using the CAMP test.

Susceptibility Testing: We perform MIC susceptibility studies routinely on appropriate isolates.  We use the MicroScan method of testing using a 96 well plate.  We typically run about 20 antibiotics, which are tailored to the source of the culture and the identification of the bacterium being tested.

Chlamydia EIA Testing: We perform the Quidel enzyme immunoassay method of Chlamydia testing.

Comprehensive Perinatal Panels: We offer many different panels used in prenatal testing, and monitoring of pregnancies.  The panels include options for Group B Strep, G.C., Chlamydia, Gardnerella, and urine cultures.


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