Klebsiella pneumoniae on EMB.

Doing cultures on-site offers many benefits over sending them out to an off-site laboratory.  These benefits include: Faster turn around times for results, preservation of specimen integrity by not having to transport specimens, and financial benefits, by allowing the doctor’s office to collect the fees that would otherwise go to the independent lab.

Why not? 
There are no contracts to sign and no long-term commitments. Service can be discontinued at any time.  If existing service can be improved and profitability insured, then - why not?  We serve hundreds of physicians who have asked this question and are now enjoying the benefits of our service. Won’t you join them?

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Organism Spotlight: Group B Strep

Clinical Micro-STAT is a group of clinical microbiologists.  Our specialty is serving outpatient clinics.  We have been in business since 1971 and currently serve physicians in Washington and Oregon. Our headquarters is in

We perform microbiology procedures, on-site, in physician’s office labs. These procedures include cultures from all anatomic sites, antibiotic susceptibility testing, gram stains, and other less frequently encountered microbiology lab tests.

We use conventional techniques - plated general and specialty culture media, and susceptibility testing using the microdilution method.  Different from independent laboratories, we do our work on-site, in the doctor’s office.



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