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We pioneered a service that is unique in the medical laboratory field.  We are a group of clinical microbiologists that have specialized in outpatient medicine.  Unlike traditional independent labs, we do the work on-site in the doctor’s office or clinic.

We began our business in 1971.  We have grown to be one of the largest businesses of our kind in the country, and now serve physicians in 4 states.  We serve hundreds of doctors and process tens of thousands of specimens every year.  We know outpatient microbiology like few others.  Perhaps equally important, we know how to give great personal service to each and every office we serve. We have clients that have been with us nearly 30 years.  Our clients are our best goodwill ambassadors.

One of the keys to our success is making certain that our service works economically with each practice.  We spend time with each administrator or office manager to insure the profitability of our service.  A key part of our business is insuring proper reimbursements and CPT Code usage for the procedures we perform.

At Clinical Micro-STAT we have assembled a team of microbiologists that are experienced, technically capable, and people oriented.  Many are involved in church and civic affairs within their communities.  All are service oriented.  We are pleased that a number of microbiologists that have been with our organization more than 15 years.  Our team members are truly our greatest assets.

We have been in business more than 30 years, and in the competitive medical laboratory field, we are proud of that accomplishment.


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